I just love Mount Olive. I love working for the Mount Olive Chamber of Commerce. It's the backbone of Mount Olive I've enjoyed working with the town board. I believe we have the best town board we've had in a long time.

Generally you think that all musicians are hardcore rockers or party-going lunatics, but that's not always the case, ... Nathan is a youth worship leader and a wonderful person.

We're here on a training mission.

I haven't heard from anyone and I'm sure I won't for a while, ... I'm just praying to God that they're all right, but there's nothing I can do about it. It's scary. It's really difficult.

I turn on the TV and I have to turn it off because it's all bad news, ... I really feel like I can't watch anymore.

When we first started looking for dealers it was a bit discouraging, ... We would get turned down as a dealer for one reason or another. But we kept saying when one door closes, God opens up two more. Now here we are with Duesenberg USA. It is definitely a good door!

If there's 40 men, there'll be 40 subjects.

[For that reason, Duesenberg guitars appealed to the Thompsons.] It was definitely a doorway opened for us as a growing music store, ... The owner of Duesenberg USA Guitars, Nathan Fawley, is also a super Christian. It's such a joy to deal with a Christian business owner in this type of work and business.

There's no drinking water. The toilets are backed up. There's no power, no electricity and there's no telling when help will arrive, ... If you're not from the South, you don't understand that once that levee breaks, you've got snakes, you've got alligators, you've got everything going through the city.