It's a very, very difficult business.

If you try to categorize this as a gay movie, then it's the 'Star Wars' of gay movies.

He's the fittest of the lot of us. Really. He's in amazing shape. No one is fitter.

[McBride enlisted Dwight Yoakam to sing harmony vocals on] Heartaches by the Number, ... I Still Miss Someone.

It's a total Cinderella story because it's still gay cowboys. Try that at a pitch meeting. Try predicting to anyone (before the movie's release) that it would sweep all the nominations. One of the reasons the movie's surprising everyone is that they put it in a box, and it doesn't belong there.

They've all been continued until May 15.

Another day in paradise.

I played a lot of dances in Texas. I heard people's feet shuffling on the floor and I figured that would make a real nice beat, and we worked it out and it came out great.

I Won't Mention It Again.