Ray Lewis
FameRank: 10

"NFL Records"

* 13 Pro Bowls for an Inside/Middle Linebacker

* 10 All-Pro selections for a Linebacker

* 51 tackles, single postseason

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"Raymond Anthony Lewis, Jr." (born May 15, 1975) is a former American football linebacker who played his entire 17-year career for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for the University of Miami, and earned All-American honors. Drafted by the Ravens in 1996 NFL Draft/1996, Lewis was the last player remaining from the inaugural team at the start of the 2012–13 season.

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That's once again the same people who told me I was too small, the same people who said I couldn't win a Super Bowl with our offense, the same people who said I couldn't play in a 3-4, ... Are they with me when I get up every morning at 6:30 to go to work? The day I lose a step is the day I lose love for the game.

We spoke out on the grass to a group of people, consoled them, let them know we understood this was a traumatic, life-changing situation. Some had tremendous reservations about relocating to a state they knew nothing about.

Terrell has got some big balls.

You bet. We own the Titans. I remember the good old days when I would blow up Eddie George with a big hit. Now, they've got another running back with two first names, Travis Henry, whom I plan on blowing up in the same manner.

My thing about camp is to come in and be who I am, which is the most dominant player in the game, ... That's who I am, and that's what I'm here for.

A linebacker's job is to knock out running backs, to knock out receivers, to chase the football.

The scheme's got to fit your players. My thing is bashing running backs. That's what I want to get back to, just having fun and letting them deal with me. That's what the 46 package and the defense does.

I already believe I am the best linebacker in the game. Now, I have to show one more thing ? that I am the most dominating, influential person in the game and the best football player to ever put on a pair of cleats.

That's the most physical football game I've ever played in my entire life, ... McFadden is a great back, especially being a true freshman, but they have a big, physical offensive line, too. For them to be a 2-5 team is unbelievable.