Ray King
FameRank: 8

"Raymond Keith King" is a retired Major League Baseball relief pitcher. King stands at 6'0" tall and weighs 230 pounds. He bats and throws left-handed.

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I'll buy that [we're better], ... That doesn't mean we'll win 105 games. A lot of teams got better. But, yeah, we could be a better team.

I can't worry about what's happened in April, May, June or July. I've got to better myself and get ready for October because of who we play.

It's been such a roller coaster this year.

I'm bitter that out of nine games, I'm pretty much a spectator, ... If I can't pitch here, then let me pitch somewhere else.

Battle. Battle. And get the hits when we need it.

Now it's like the first time driving a stick (shift). You grind and grind until you find it. Once you find it, it's golden.

We can't afford to lose guys now for something stupid.

I never lost my confidence, ... We still have always had a great deal of confidence in him.

You add a left-handed starter like that in your five-man rotation, ... you're instantly better.