That was an extremely difficult obstacle to overcome in order to prosecute a violation.

Unless she has specific pictures or something, I wouldn't believe it.

With a card, too, it's so verifiable. You have a record of whether or not you signed and what you actually wrote and the amount of effort you put into it.

It's nice when people will go out and get a card. It's a sign that people actually give a damn about you in the company. You just have to be willing to sit there and think up that witty comment.

I have a problem getting around any of it. I focus on Stone County because of the tremendous percentage we are at risk of losing.

Governor Fletcher is taking away the power of local people to make decisions about how locally produced tax dollars are used.

It's all a mystery to me. Why would he burn a flag and then hang himself?

Selling it is only a temporary solution. What do we do for money for the kids once we sell the land?

They're right on the same page. The environment is the economy.