"Ray Close" is a Northern Irish former boxer who fought for most of his career in the Super Middleweight division, ending his career in the Light Heavyweight division. He is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly Mormon. He grew up in east Belfast and attended Knockbreda High School.

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They have tremendously sophisticated and experienced people in their technical services division, who wouldn't allow a forgery like this to get by. I mean it's just mystifying to me. I can't understand it.

That's a convenient explanation, but it doesn't satisfy me. Incompetence I have not seen in those agencies. I've seen plenty of malice, but I've never seen incompetence.

It's amazing to me that this could have happened.

It perhaps is a measure of the kind of pressure that people are under now in Washington to produce information that adds to the dossier of evidence against the Iraqis.