"Ray Austin" is the name of:

* Ray Austin (director) (born 1932), British television director

* Ray Austin (boxer) (born 1970), American professional boxer

* Ray Austin (American football), American football player

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It definitely gives me the advantage, ... Some fighters are used to fighting in the ring and wearing those gloves. I didn't fight in any ring and I didn't wear any cushy gloves. We were fighting bare fist. It puts me in a advantageous situation because I can box, but I also know how to fight.

Somehow you've got to stop the terrorism that's over there. Bomb the hell out of 'em.... They all live in the same country and they can't work together.

Those fights didn't have too much affect on me, ... I knew I won regardless of the decision. That's all behind me now. I'm on a mission. My mission is to win one fight at a time and get the belt around my waist.

I was very excited to hear about getting moved up to fight Beck.

I want to thank HBO for putting me on the air.