He (Pastrana) is the one who must decide if the dialogue is to continue and if it's profitable for him politically.

Firing squads are used in extremely serious cases ... Given the gravity of this case, it's possible that this is the mechanism that will be used.

We condemn the abominable assassination of the three Americans.

The government of Colombia and even the United States do the same thing, ... If you don't pay your taxes, you go to jail. Here we don't have jails, so we detain people.

We need to solve structural problems, such as agrarian reform and the structural problems of housing, employment, health, education and roads.

None of our combatants will be handed over to another state.

None of our members would be handed over to other states.

The people know they won't be able to spend Christmas in peace because their children are dying of hunger.

It doesn't make any sense to the FARC that a government that is working for peace, at the same time is threatening more investment for war.