We try not to take anything for granted. (A new arena) would be a nice thing, but I'm not too worried about it. I love playing in the one we're playing in now. If we do get a new one, it will take away memories.

He's like a big brother to me. I love him.

We all think it's very bright. Us being freshmen right now, playing in the SEC and being able to hold our own against Alabama, Florida and LSU, that tells us if we keep working hard we'll be right up there with them.

It's crazy that he came in as a freshman and played 40 per game. That doesn't happen. To me, he's played like a junior or a senior. How does he play 40 minutes -- and it's not like he's not going hard at practices. He's going full speed there, too. He doesn't get tired. He's the Energizer bunny.

I usually hit the jumpers better.

There's a tad bit of (relief), knowing there's a better day around the corner. The future's brighter on the other side. We look forward to (the end) but we'll still try to finish out the year on a good note.

We're ready to go through the summer and work hard to get better.

Two words -- pure shooters. They had one on the left and one on the right and you had to be alert all the time. It's real tough because they'll drive inside and kick it out to the shooters.