You can't really key on one thing with us. If we're having a big week on the ground, and that guy goes down, you've got to have a way to compensate. Just having the ability to throw the ball and be effective with it makes us multi-dimensional.

That was the most tragic thing I've ever experienced in football. I'm still not over it.

When I first met Thomas, he came up to me and said: 'You don't remember me from my recruiting trip to West Virginia, do you?' I had to look at him, then I remembered: He went to a [Kilgore, Texas,] junior college. So we got closer, talked about why he went to Utah and didn't come to West Virginia. We were getting closer and closer. Then, all of the sudden, that next weekend, he was gone.

I've been through it before; I can kind of relate to how the situation works out.

You can't worry about playing a perfect game, because it isn't going to happen, ... They'll definitely get a good introduction [in the Carrier Dome]. It's going to be a little tough situation. After they get through that, they'll be on top.

Adam definitely has some wheels, ... I think he's going to be all right, along with Pat White.