You know, deep down she's just a great kid. She wants to please. She also has this shy attitude to where she tries to be the tough kid. Deep down she wants people to like her. She wants to like people. She wants to do well -- she wants to please -- and she just has a hard time doing that emotionally and socially without the tough-guy attitude.

Well I made a little bit of a mistake coming up through here but I'm used to it but no I wouldn't advise anyone just to be out loafing to day.

I think the big thing with her is she doesn't like to get real physical. I think we have to knock her around a few times when she's going in to get boards and let her know that you're not going to get easy buckets.

Dixie's going to come in here and they'll fight like they've never fought before. Because they know the chance to host is on the line this weekend here, and it's in that first game. They cannot lose that first game.

They came back against some kids that don't get a lot of minutes. We had a bunch of turnovers on some inbound plays and didn't take very good care of the ball the last five minutes. I thought we took good care of the ball in general, just not at the end of the game.

We like being on top and we like people hunting for us, because that means we're doing things well. I'm not going to take anything away from our season. We're 24-6 and my second year -- with those freshmen that did well last year -- we had seven losses. So we're happy with where we are. North Idaho, looking back now, one of those wins would have won it for us outright.

I'm telling you, that's a good point because I know they're going to come up with some kind of scheme to stop her. What do you do, a box-and-one or something like that? The trouble with guarding Maria is you can't just run two people at her, because two people, at times, is not good enough. If she can get by that first person, then we have an advantage.

I truly believe she's one of the better -- if not one of the top five -- point guards in the country in junior college basketball.

I think she realized early with me that, 'You're Maria Moore, we know you're good, so you can do anything you want,' wasn't going to work. I think once she realized that -- and she has moments, they all do when they don't give 100 percent that we want all the time -- she's really come along that way.