You need five players contributing during the course of the tournament, which we did, but we had a couple guys struggle today. I'm disappointed because you like to win when you have the opportunity, but tying Arizona down at Tucson isn't so bad.

I was a little disappointed for Alejandro because he was in a good position to win the event. But he had a little trouble on the 15th hole.

We were the last ones off the course and it got a little windy toward the end. I think it played a little tougher at that point in time.

We're playing OK right now, but we're nowhere close to playing our best golf.

The course played more difficult today than the last two rounds. We were holding pretty steady at one or two-under most of the day, and then the last hour the wind got stronger and stronger.

The lineup continues to change because they're so competitive. I have more players in the mix than I thought I would've had a month ago, so that's a good thing.

Alejandro has been knocking on the door pretty much every event. He just needs to put three rounds together. He won this event two years ago on the same golf course, so he should have some positive thoughts about that.

It's a pretty straightforward golf course. We feel good about the course and we're certainly ready to win a title.

They look pretty good and they're getting better every day. But practice is a lot different than the pressure of a tournament.