Clearly Northrop Grumman has capabilities in that arena. That's a business area that we're very interested in.

Northrop Grumman remains fully committed to proceeding forward as we believe our offer is clearly superior and does not create a monopoly, and therefore has a greater probability of gaining regulatory approval.

This is going to be an American airplane built for the U.S. Air Force.

We're not against the formation of this launch monopoly. But we are concerned that there may be some unintended consequences formed by this monopoly that may impede our ability to compete on a level playing field.

This opportunity will directly and indirectly create thousands of new American jobs for decades, and billions in economic development across the United States.

We are obviously interested in any program that's put forward in this area.

They're American aircraft, built by Americans for Americans.

We welcome the decision as it represents an excellent step forward in making this program a reality.

We continue our discussions with Avondale. We want to reach a final agreement on that.