Oh my goodness! I just noticed they said she was sick, and I saw her last night ? and she didn't look like she was getting sick.

I didn't do the right training over Christmas because of the trials. I think the year before, I didn't have to travel back to the U.S. I got to do really quality training, and except for a little sickness in January, I had pretty good skiing and results in 2005.

I'm not blaming everything on that. But it's been an obstacle for sure.

I'm not going to make any judgment, guilt or innocence right now. I'm just glad I know doping control's going on.

January just sucked, you know? I was just sapped.

I had one prone penalty and shot clean on standing today. I definitely felt better than I did in the 15K. I felt like my skiing was better.

I had to travel back to the U.S. and I wasn't in a comfortable, happy place and I didn't really get to train; I had to prepare for racing. And then I had to come back over to Europe and I was tired from this incredibly stressful race experience.

That felt better than most of my races this year. I've had a real hard time this year with my skiing, it just hasn't been there. I still don't think it's there.