They can lose in any sport but baseball. Then, he gets upset.

Whatever team they are going to bring they are playing together longer than some of the teams here. It looks to me that the Cuban team may have more cohesion. And they always have pitching. In a short series like that anything can happen.

I have been around a lot of different personalities ? Walter Alston, Leo Durocher, Tommy Lasorda. I'd put Gene ahead of everybody in terms of knowing the game.

Everywhere I go, the scouts all come up to me and rave about this kid, Wood. They say the ball jumps off his bat and he has nice soft hands at shortstop. They can't stop talking about him.

People only remember Gene because he never won. He's one of the finest baseball minds I've ever been around. When you talk to anyone who played for him, managed against him, they're going to tell you what a great baseball mind he has. You could spend 24 hours talking baseball with him.