Pramod Mahajan
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"Pramod Vyankatesh Mahajan" was an Indian politician. He was one of the second generation leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and, at the time of his death, was locked in a power struggle over who would take over the reins of the BJP when the current aging leadership retires. He belonged to a group of relatively young "technocrat" leaders who lack a grassroots political base, although he was fairly popular in his home state of Maharashtra in western India.


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It would be better for the ULFA to first shun the path of violence and then contest the Assembly poll and come to power.

The state witnessed 5,000 murders, 3,000 robberies, 1,000 rape incidents and 2,000 kidnappings in the past one year.

Whether you lose or win is another matter, but the spirit is good.

Is this the way the Congress Government wants to make the people of India happy. During our rule prices of essentials were within affordable range.

Elections are around the corner.

When he comes back, we will appraise the house (of parliament) of the situation.

We welcome foreign investment and we are happy if somebody helps us in the form of aid, but the Indian economy stands on the strength of Indians and not on the strength of the outside world.

It could be December 31 or even later, but not at least during the six-day party national executive and convention.

It will be better for the ULFA to first shun violence and then contest the assembly polls and come to power.