I ask carriers: 'How well do I handle detention issues? Rate me on detention.' Once you start talking about these topics, carriers realize that you're not hiding from the issues.

She wants to test herself and she likes the challenge.

It was really majestic. The Queen Mary 2 ship is really amazing. I hadn't really appreciated the size until I saw her arrive. The other craft that were in the water were absolutely miniscule next to it.

If we see opportunities to improve relationships with shippers, we work with them.

There was a big difference in her mental attitude. You could just she was a lot more confident after that win.

It's definitely a pride issue now, ... Nobody wants to be on the team that ends that streak.

Our season starts Saturday, ... Saturday gets the ball started for us. They all know how important (the Festival) is.

I think (her outdoor track season) made her realize she can compete with the top girls in the state.

That was a really big win for Kerry.