"Pierre Martin" can refer to:

* Pierre Martin (1752–1820)

* Pierre Martin (politician) (born 1943)

* Pierre Martin (engineer) (1932–1986), French spelunker who explored caves in Brazil

* Pierre-Émile Martin (1824–1915), French industrial engineer

* Buster Martin (Pierre Jean Martin, 1906?–2011), claimed to be the United Kingdom's oldest employee

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There's an old store of Conservative votes in Quebec that have been silenced in recent years because of the near-disappearance of the party.

This is all promise and expectations.

They have a fairly low point from which to start. It's not all that difficult to be more generous than they were up to now.

There are shared views (between Harper and Bush) that could help resolve some issues. It's probably the area that would be the most directly and immediately affected by a Conservative Party victory.