Philip Rivers
FameRank: 10


* 5× Pro Bowl

* National Football League Alumni/NFL Alumni Quarterback of the Year (2010)

* 2013 National Football League Comeback Player of the Year Award/NFL Comeback Player of the Year (AP, PFWA)

* List of National Football League season passing touchdowns leaders/NFL Passing TDs Co-Leader (2008 NFL season/2008)

* List of National Football League season passing yardage leaders/NFL Passing Yards Leader (2010 NFL season/2010)

*List of National Football League season completion percentage leaders/NFL Completion Percentage Leader (2013 NFL season/2013)

* 4× AFC Offensive Player of the Month (Dec. 2008, Dec. 2009, Oct. 2010, Sep. 2014)

*2× NFL FedEx Air Player of the Week

* List of San Diego Chargers 50th Anniversary Team/San Diego Chargers 50th Anniversary Team


* Atlantic Coast Conference/ACC Rookie of the Year (2000)

* Senior Bowl MVP (2004)

* ACC Athlete of the Year (2004)



/statlabel1=Pass attempts


/statlabel2=Completion (American football)/Pass completions


/statlabel3=Passing percentage


/statlabel4=Passing yards


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I say that confidently. I'm not by any means going to play the perfect game, but I feel like I can go in there and make the plays and get the things done that can win us a game.

A lot of it is timing. You've got Drew, who had the great year last year, and then I'm here and Cleo's here. We're all young (Rivers is 23, Brees 26).

Sideways rain. We threw it 59 times (actually 57).

I feel like I'm getting better, I really do, ... I do feel a lot more comfortable in there. I don't go out there with doubts; there's no doubts.

It's neat now. We're both on the same team, he's a great guy and we've had a lot of fun together.

I'm not sitting here all fired up like I've achieved something, ... I'm pleased that I've made some progress, obviously, and shown them such, that they feel that I'm ready to be in that position.

He proved it in college when people thought he was too small. He might not be an inside-the-tackles runner, but we've got the best in the game for that. He can give us a changeup.

(Rivers) won't ever hurt you by running with the ball. ...

That's not all on my shoulders, but I certainly feel like I can get in there and manage it and handle the situation.