It's very physical and it's better defensively than it has been.

There's no adjustment you can make for losing someone like Ashley. It wasn't just her skill level, but her experience as a three-year starter that made her valuable. It's left a big hole for us to fill.

After seeing what's going on with those guys, we'd love to go down there and help.

She's our best defender and has picked it up on both ends of the floor.

If there is a good side to it, at least the injuries were early so people that wouldn't normally get a lot of playing time were forced into action. I hope that helps us at the end of the season.

That's going to be a real good contest because they're good athletes and always well-prepared. They're very disciplined, bring a lot to the game and play hard from start to finish.

The biggest thing I'm pleased with is our defensive effort. We were able to stand in there against a strong running attack and not give up too much.

Because of that rash of injuries, other players have had to step up and fill the void and we're just getting adjusted to those new roles.

Cameron's a very good football team.