We believe there have been positive developments in Armenia and Azerbaijan and it is in our foreign policy and national security interests to remove them.

Each embassy, as you know, conducts its own security assessment, and an embassy like Amman may decide to hold or limit or cancel its July Fourth events. And so that, in fact, it is the case.

Our first priority is to provide information to U.S. citizens to try to meet their needs.

Should we receive information about a specific and credible threat, that information would be shared with all potentially affected.

We've been very satisfied and continue to be satisfied with our cooperation with Saudi Arabia with this matter.

The Department of State places the highest priority on the welfare of children who have been victimized by international abductions.

The discussions will continue. Right now, we're focused on the logistics, the diplomacy necessary to make sure that our crew can leave, according to the assurances the Chinese have given us. And then, a week from now, we'll take up these issues, including the very prompt return of our aircraft.

Nothing has changed in respect to Arafat.

It involved basically a street fair event with a tent on a closed-off street.