"Peter Liguori" is the President and chief executive officer of Tribune Media. He was appointed in January 2013, and is also a member of Tribune Media Company’s board of directors. During his tenure, the company acquired Local TV Holdings, LLC, doubling the size of its local television station group, and Gracenote, combining it with Tribune Media Services to form one of the world’s leading providers of entertainment metadata.

He was a member of Yahoo!’s board from 2012 to 2014.

Prior to Tribune, Liguori served as Chief Operating Officer of Discovery Communications. Before joining Discovery in 2009, Liguori served as Chairman of entertainment for the Fox Broadcasting Company/Fox, credited with helping the channel FX (TV channel)/FX grow in prominence. Prior to assuming that position in 2005, Liguori was president and CEO of News Corp.’s FX Networks since 1998, overseeing business and programming operations for FX and Fox Movie Channel.

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The credibility of that competition is extraordinarily important to us.

Baseball is here to stay on Fox. We have it for the next three or four years. We've gone through trial and error in trying to figure out how to launch shows around baseball . . . We've decided to give it a whirl this year where we will launch virtually all our shows before any of our competitors launch theirs.

I very much enjoy the creative banter with Steven.

We're not talking about a news show, so I think there's a bit of a difference. I think news talks about true life- and-death situations for citizens and we're talking about a piece of entertainment. All that being said, we're not making light of the allegations.

This is newer, fresher comedic turf to be playing on. The fact that Ivan is attached only gives me more confidence.

The most scary position to be in is the No. 1 network. It can breed a specific amount of safety. I think everyone is feeling like there's a target on our back. ... The only way to stay No. 1 is to be aggressive, know there's a target on your back and go for it.

I wish our competitors well, to a certain degree, on those shows.

We're in the television business, ... I don't think anyone should be held to a standard higher than the judicial system. At this point we have nothing that specifically says that she shouldn't be showing up for work.

Much like 24, Prison Break is packed with multiple plot twists.