It's difficult. I miss them a lot. I love them dearly.

Here in the United States, there is a tendency to over-prescribe in some instances. But it pales in comparison to the under-prescription or under-recognition of these problems in children, ... We know from a variety of epidemiologic and other related studies, that as many as half of the children with conditions such as ADHD are not being treated at all.

We know that they're effective, we know they're safe. And there's been some very large government-funded studies that have established this.

I'm gaining it back. I've lost a lot of regular strength, normal muscle use, and so even walking up hill takes its toll if I'm not used to it as much. But I'm getting better everyday.

Sure there are things that are discouraging. But I'm never going to lose hope.

We have to find out if it's exposure to smoking during pregnancy, or early experiences, exposure to lead, these are all potential factors that we have some inkling of, but we don't know how they interact with genetic predispositions.

They're thinking it may have either been a preexisting condition, or that it was the stress of just not being able to handle the big change in life.