There has not been a meteor storm since the onset of the space age. All the data we collect will be used to protect satellites.

DRM is all about restricting individuals' freedoms.

As women increasingly join and continue to advance through the management ranks, making major contributions to their companies and the North American auto industry, it's important to applaud their talents. We're pleased to shine the spotlight on this impressive group of executives.

With the release of GPLv3, we aim to increase the international reach of the Free Software movement. To develop this new license, we will be contacting communities across the globe to ensure their participation in the update of one of the most important social documents of our time.

This past quarter, we successfully leveraged a robust North American capital markets environment to generate record revenue.

We're comparing the event to other data of cloud cover, temperature and other factors near Antarctica at that time. It's still too early to tell, but there's a lot of curiosity about events like this and not a lot of data. We've been comparing notes and pooling data to learn more.

Before this people thought you needed much larger events to create regional cooling. But this particle size, it looks like smaller events can create those effects.

While fourth-quarter results were disappointing, we're extremely excited about the upcoming film product, particularly 'Star Wars,'.

We're probably looking for $500,000 by the end of the year.