I wanted to jam with people. It's an opportunity to perform.

They made it too accessible and too tempting (to trade). ... Whatever fund is hot is where you put your money, I'm going to try and relax on that.

This was an unfortunate incident which has generated numerous rumors and inaccurate facts. Miss Thomas denies all allegations of any sexual conduct.

He denies being involved in any conspiracy. Mr. Boone fully expects to be acquitted at trial and looks forward to his day in court.

I work part-time after classes, so I don't get home until late. I really have no time to use the library during the week, when I need it the most. This makes it really hard to get my work done because I need a quiet place to work and my dorm is so noisy.

My dorm is way too chaotic to work in. It would make my life a lot easier if Snell would stay open for a few more hours. Boston University actually accepted me last year. I'm sure that if I'd gone there the library hours would be a better fit for me. It would just be a lot easier to get my work done.

Frankly, we're tired of the stress.

We're adults, we know what we're doing. This is just our way of lightening things up. We're stressed, we're tired, we need to have some fun.

It will not be today, it is not correct to say he will appear today [Friday].