Through superior application of world-class RFID and information technologies, the end result of our system will be to provide the central agency with the tools it needs to monitor poultry movement. With agency-designed alerts, the RTAC-PM system will allow the deployment of agency protocols to rapidly and effectively contain an outbreak of disease.

This is a huge step forward in the marketing of our proprietary technology solution to the world. The potential dollar value of this industry segment is in the hundreds of millions of dollars and, with a viable solution developed by our Company to penetrate this market, it may provide the Company and its shareholders with a tremendous opportunity for growth.

While we welcome competition which validates the viability of the market for our system, we take great exception to unsubstantiated claims challenging our ability to develop such a system and implement it in the People's Republic of China or any other nation similarly faced with this monumental issue. Accordingly, we have brought the matter to our legal counsel to address this very serious issue.

Everything is now in place to launch definitive testing in mid-March.

Once again, we have demonstrated our ability to continue to close new security/surveillance business in our market.

With an estimated 13 billion chickens in China alone, this project represents a tremendous opportunity to further grow and diversify the Company's revenue stream. We believe that the successful demonstration will also open up opportunities in other parts of the world that have been affected by this devastating outbreak.

Clearly, as a fully reporting public company listed on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board, we are extremely sensitive to the nature of releasing information that is nothing but absolutely factual.

With an estimated 13 billion chickens in China, this is such an extremely critical issue that there was a very high level of interest on the part of the governmental officials who attended.