We try to recycle those components because they contain toxic materials that we don't want in the landfill.

The sad part about electronics is once you buy it it is obsolete. We live in a disposable society, when they upgrade they just throw it away.

We're seeing all kinds of boxes, cardboard, bags, wrapping paper and packaging materials, and soon we'll see an increase in yard waste when people start taking their Christmas trees down. We have an influx of garbage every Christmas. Our truck drivers are hauling the containers as fast as they can.

Almost anything with a plug or battery we'll take it.

It's not humanly possible to have every piece of plastic and scrap of treated wood out of the waste.

The electronic recycling event is important because it will divert the electronics from going to the landfill. Even though you can come out and drop them off at the transfer station, this will be convenient for residents while they are out shopping and returning and finishing up Christmas.