He just wants to fine-tune it before he sticks his head out ? makes his return to television.

Is he 100 percent perfect? No. But he's certainly well enough to get on a plane and go to New York to do his portion of the show.

What he's going to be doing is scaled down a bit. He's not running around Times Square, but he will be as he was two, three years ago, in the studio. Ryan will be on the street.

He just wants the show to be the coming out party.

He's in New York. He's going to be on TV Saturday.

He's doing really well. He's walking. He's talking. He's living a fairly normal life.

The phone in my office started ringing at 7 a.m. (Friday) and hasn't stopped.

He's walking and talking as he has been for months. He's looking forward to doing the show Saturday.

He was diagnosed with cancer a while back and he's undergone various treatments.