"Paul Shapiro" is the name of:

* Paul Shapiro (activist), American animal activist

* Paul Shapiro (artist), American Abstract Expressionist and landscape painter

* Paul Shapiro (director), Canadian film and television director

* Paul Shapiro (musician), American Klezmer musician

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Caged egg-laying hens are among the most abused animals in the world of factory farming today. Simply by using cage-free eggs, the White House can teach kindness and compassion to American children — and the nation as a whole.

They are the principal opponent to the whole thing, and it's very difficult for me to understand why. Invariably, at the end of the day, the German representatives always put restrictions back on the table that they are absolutely insistent about.

Overall, it makes it possible to learn a lot more about the fate of individuals and to learn a lot more about the Holocaust itself ? concentration camps, deportations, slave-enforced labor and displaced persons.

The quality of life of a cage-free hen is so much better than the quality of life of a battery-cage hen that this campaign is meant to move the industry in that direction.

This is the biggest collection of information that has been totally inaccessible to them.

Other people have done jazz with Jewish themes, and other people have done Jewish scales and modes using materials that characterize the sound of Jewish music. I don't think many people have used the liturgy with a jazz band.