There is no doubt that the talks are now biting on the key issues that now confront us across all the areas of concern.

We will first determine whether these are criminal allegations or whether this is a civil matter.

We are at the point now, for the first time in this peace process, where almost all of the parties are at the table.

This is what we train for, ... However, it's going to be sad once we're there and see the reality of it all.

We played a championship-caliber team tonight. (The players) don't want to feel like they did tonight after the game. This is one of the tougher non-conference games they'll have to face.

I live in Aurora and I'm proud to be an Auroran. It's time for an Aurora school to win a state championship, and I don't care what class.

We are pleased to have completed the past financial filings and restatement of our financial statements, and we expect to remain current on an ongoing basis. We hope to regain compliance with AMEX listing standards for reporting requirements and resolve the de-listing process.

It's nice to see a lot of familiar faces. It's great to see the support for high school football.

This is clearly a situation we cannot afford to repeat in the summer of 2006.