It's hard to listen to people sometimes who have been to neither place. It's (also) often hard for me to understand how people who have been there would allow others to go there if they have any say about it.

It was hard to look at ourselves as the good guys. It just wasn't about liberty and democracy.

One of the things that is interesting is, I saw both sides. I'd done it, so what could they say? I didn't ask to go, I didn't ask to feel the way I did.

They offered him $70 million, and he turned it down. It's funny because (in the beginning) the show almost didn't get made. He said, 'I can do it if no one will mess with my material, if they'll let me do what I want creatively, because these people don't know what funny is.' (That's why) I went and did it.

To me, the peace sign is about supporting our troops. I feel like I have to have bumper stickers now. It (angers) some people ... I don't want to offend people ... (but) I can't just sit there and take it.

When it [war] starts killing people and maiming people and you experience it, life is never light again. I agonize for the kids there now.