We're not here to influence voters; we're here to make sure they get to vote for the candidate of their choice.

I supported myself, bought a car and paid the bills. At age 14, I was a professional musician.

We've gotten to write and perform some original pieces like 'Ports of Call' and 'Murder at The Met'. We've done a 'Messiah' sing-a-long, where hundreds of people from around the state gathered at church to be a part of a memorable event.

I think I decided to play the organ because the instrument is like an orchestra at one's fingertips.

It's a community family. They have allowed themselves to have a high level of pressure to be placed on them, on many occasions, by me.

There was a moment when we thought about not doing this. Then there was an immediate 'yes.' Life will go on and we are going to move ahead.

I don't recall there being a lot music at home.

During my first lesson, something just clicked. It all just clicked.

We're building a more diverse chorus with an outstanding reputation. And we're going to continue to look forward and perform outstanding concerts.