I think it would be highly unlikely that we would go through the resources of extraditing an individual from the United States for a summary conviction assault misdemeanor.

It can predict the trajectory of the ball down to a couple of millimetres.

There are no Muslim terrorists. There are terrorists. There are criminals who claim to be Muslims. We all know that the vast majority of our Muslim friends and neighbors are as horrified and disgusted at what has happened as we are.

It is a lot more accurate than the umpire.

The technology didn't get one wrong.

It is actually quite a great moment in the sport when technology is trying to step in and determine point ending shots.

This will only make us more determined to live in peace and respect each other and we can all play our part in that.

It's ideal for baseball, for providing instant photo-finishes in horse racing or off-side decisions in football.

If that all goes well, they'll have the information that they need as to whether they want to go ahead in 2007.