Yesterday, one of the reddest regions in America turned a whole lot bluer.

Every day I walk into my law office and say, 'Today, I will clear my desk.' And then there are 50 more messages. I'm amazed. I'm humbled.

The balance we've had with the run and the pass has reaped really good benefits so far. So there won't be any real big changes with Chris in there, just a sliding of emphasis.

What you have to like is how he handled the situation, how he handled the team, his calmness, how he ran the team.

I don't think that veterans have a distinct advantage, ... At most, it causes somebody to take another look at them.

The Democratic Party is like an addict. They're addicted to failure.

We always used to say if something happens early in the season, the backup quarterback is best prepared because he's had all of training camp. Now what we say is the next best thing for it to happen, if it has to happen, is during the bye. Because it gives you your second chance to get him back in the rhythm.