They'll have the same number in their traveling party as everyone else. People outside of that will be limited, not restricted.

We need to provide security for the entire tournament. It's an international tournament. We think we have one of the best security forces in all of sports.

There's a lot of interest in us playing in London, and I think selling tickets would be the easiest part of it.

Eligibility rules are still being discussed. It will be similar to the IBAF rules.

We set out to have the best players in the game, and I think we've accomplished that.

I'm not sure you get a ticket in San Diego at this point, and if you do you'll have an obstructed view. We sold every ticket there in very quick fashion.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Konami as an official global partner of the inaugural World Baseball Classic. Konami has always been a strong supporter of baseball, and it is only fitting that they be part of this historic global event.

We have been investigating opportunities to play in Europe for quite a while. There is certainly nothing confirmed.