It's scary to have all them inmates with all them children around. I'm not saying that they are going to attack the children, but there's always that chance.

It can be made even longer with a little wind and the depth of the greens.

Looking at the scores, we were only four points from winning, and that's really close. If we get a couple of matches to swing our way, then there's a pretty good chance we win.

Staff looked at the project as a wash. The project just changes the surface of an existing path.

I think we learned a little bit ourselves today. Hopefully, the kids are starting to learn how they win matches. I think the kids enjoyed it. The competition with Columbus North was pretty good.

I thought Jasper competed very well. And I thought we did OK. With sectional starting (today), we need to come out focused every day on playing 'A' tennis.

We're extremely relieved. All three things, parade, fair and fireworks, will happen this year as usual.

It is a distinct honor to be selected as an International Truck and Engine Corporation Diamond Supplier. International has a reputation for holding all of their suppliers to a high standard. Our selection from such an exceptional group is a true mark of distinction for Mayflower Vehicle Systems and the Commercial Vehicle Group.

I believe by having new people step into the Southampton Days board, I'm very optimistic we can work together to make this happen and continue the tradition that's been going on for the past 34 years.

A lot of things [have] happened on the property without permits.

You can be a participating parent without ever stepping foot in the classroom. It's about working with your child at home.

I thought the kids were really hungry. We were really focused and the kids had a good attitude going in. It was great competition.

We want to bring these troops home, ... I don´t believe this is a noble cause. I believe they were sent there for a lie.

Since it has been Miller's, it's the same good selection and the employees are still very helpful and pleasant.

We let up on the dress code a little during homecoming week for those special theme days, ... They know our focus even this week will still be on education. The tests don't stop just because it's homecoming.

We want to foster that conversation between the parent and the teacher. They're the two experts. This would provide specifics for the conversation.

I feel we're 80 percent there. We are looking for a compromise.

Good news doesn't need to be advertised. They've dropped the ball badly. It's frustrating.