OK, it seems they've arrived.

It's still considered experimental to do what happened with Barney Clark -- which is to put the person on the pump for the rest of their life, never intending to transplant them.

They're clearly going to be the future and we think we're on the breaking point, where you'll see them much more commonly, like you see pacemakers today.

Right now at one year, we have over 90 percent of the patients alive...more importantly is that it continues to work. Over 80 percent of the patients are much improved and better than they have been.

She liked big wigs and she shopped too much, ... That's as good a grave as anybody is going to get around here. It's an insult to humanity that they are not burying people. The authorities are a bunch of incompetent fools.

In Europe there are already patients who have been on the device for four years or longer, and there are even patients making choices that they're satisfied with their quality of life and don't want to go on to a heart transplant.

He was oversold, in that Dr. Batista made this appear that everyone would respond and that everyone would get better.

Women start with a higher body-fat density than men. It's hard for women to lose weight. The target should be how can we make women less sedentary, how can we build activity into everyone's lifestyles.