Tomorrow tire conservation is going to be tricky with the surface changes and all concrete on the track. I think we have done a good job and Jorg put in a great lap. We are always nipping on their heels in qualifying and that is the way we like it. But the real result up for grabs is tomorrow.

This will be my first time running the long course. So there will be a learning curve running a DP for the first time on a track that I haven't run before. I ran on the NASCAR circuit earlier this year so I know that Watkins Glen lives up to all the hype and then some.

Our concept is not so much having church on the weekends, but being a church, ... If we had taken that money and built a church, it just would have been a lie. Hurricane Ivan was just a minor inconvenience compared to what's happened (in Waveland). It's Third World in nature.

We'll have a bus to take you out to your units in the desert, and drop you off like you're going to camp.

Both the final races produce extra points, ... So it is far from over. We know how strong the No. 23 car has been over the years. We can't settle down and become content.

The battlefield is so dynamic.

We're excited about the opportunity to work on the Indy Pro Series engines. Our goal is to make as consistent of an engine for the entrants as we can. If we have 40 engines, we want them all to be within five horsepower of each other.

We'd hate to spoil anyone's vacation.

The emotion at the time was instantaneous shock, ... I thought the race was gone from our hands. Needless to say, I was completely shocked in the emergency vehicle when they said I was needed o­n the top step of the podium. I'm extremely thrilled. Can't say enough about the job Jorg did. It was an incredible stint, and the guys did a great job in the pits.

Mike Gue and I go back to my karting days when I raced with James, his son, ... So it was natural that one of the first calls we made would be to Essex. They had a seat available and we were happy to fill it.