She must be a president whose content, and not just her style, are different from Lagos'. Lagos did some very good things, but Chile needs to do a number of more good things to keep moving forward. Continuing the same policies will not make Chile a developed nation in 10 years.

It's her first big challenge because she usually works by consensus and now she has to show that she has a view and will defend that view, she's hearing contradictory advice from (her ministers).

People will be harder on her, precisely because she is a woman. She herself has recognized that she will have to work double to demonstrate that she is capable of ruling the country.

This country is much better off now than when Lagos first came in, both in terms of economic growth and poverty reduction.

Most understand that good relations with the United States are very important.

She should recognize that, and fulfill her pledge of gender parity. I think that is the campaign promise that will most shape her term in office.

His discourse was extreme -- he accused Bush of terrorism -- but his contributions showed that he could force a run-off.