Pam Robinson
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"Pam Robinson" is the co-founder, with Hank Glamann, of the American Copy Editors Society. She was born at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Lorain, Ohio, a blue-collar city on Lake Erie, 27 miles west of Cleveland. The Robinson Prize is named for her.

While a part-time sportswriter and student, she was assigned to cover a Southview High School football game at George Daniel Field in Lorain but barred from using the pressbox because female sportswriters were not permitted. The reason cited was the bad language used by visiting coaches, though female members of the school board were admitted. The bar was lifted a week later after The Journal, her employer, created a fuss.

She served as the first president of ACES, stepping down in 2001, and was succeeded by John Early McIntyre. Robinson worked for the Los Angeles Times-Washington Post news agency/News Service, based at Newsday on Long Island, until the paper was sold to Cablevision in 2008. The service closed in 2009. She freelanced for the On Campus program of ABC News for a year and is currently the acting Long Island regional editor for, part of AOL.

She has a language-related blog, [ Words at Work].

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We made a few errors in the field. And not being able to score runs didn't help us either.

I have a very difficult time moving west of Metcalf when you have families driving past one, two or three elementary schools that are closer than 21.

We're going to try to get that changed next year. There is not much to play for in the area games if you're not playing for home-field advantage in the area tournament.

My mind is racing because I think it is really exciting.

Megan has really improved in the past few weeks. She pitched a couple of good games in Gulf Shores, and she has really become consistent, which is what we need out of our pitchers.

I feel good about our team going into area play. We've lost a few games to some very good teams, but we're getting better at the plate and in the field.

This is why we play these games. It's why we schedule teams like Central, and it's why we go to tournaments like the one we played in this weekend: to get better and get ready for the state tournament.