"Oscar Torres" is the name of:

*Oscar Torre, actor

*Óscar Pérez Torres, Venezuelan politician

*Óscar Torres, Venezuelan professional basketball player

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For my family, that was a shameful thing. My mom and sister lived very afraid, and to them, being a guerrilla was considered subversive, like being a criminal. The army committed most of the crimes in our town, but my family felt they needed to respect authority. I always questioned authority. In the end, if we didn't do something, we were going to get recruited, period.

[Writing the script] started as a way to deal with the overwhelming emotions I started having after my memories of the war were triggered by the 9/11 attacks.

To survive, I blocked most of the war out. I thought I'd left it behind, but when I heard that song again, the music sent me back to the memories and I couldn't turn my back on them anymore. There was this necessity inside of me to just let things out.

Paraguay remains a country in gestation. We still haven't reached national maturation. We are in our adolescence and, consequently, full of fears and ghosts.

We needed to tell this story the way it really happened. We didn't want to make a Hollywood movie. We decided, if we're going to talk about what happens to children in war, we cannot candy-coat the truth. That was tough, because for me, man, going back there again ...

Kids have this amazing ability to counter-attack what adults create around them. For me and my friends, the war was trying to rob our innocence, so we created these games. I realize now we were using our innocence to rob the war.

(David Harris) was mauled, he was gasping for air.

We were able to control the game in the last minutes. We also kept bombarding shots from outside and they went in.