Ongoing dialogue about privacy issues is essential. We need a body of pragmatic business people who recognize the benefits and problems related to information security to seriously think through the issues and inform consumers, lawmakers and the business community. Information security is not a destination; it's a journey that will constantly raise new problems and demand new solutions.

A formula for bureaucracy building, government intrusion and a stifling of economic growth -- in other words, many potential unintended negative consequences.

Legislation could have a dampening effect on the growth and expansion and the vitality of e-commerce, ... Our society functions on the free flow of information. If we have to have everybody's approval on everything, things would come to a grinding halt.

The Privacy Report is devoid of any consideration of the costs of legislation in comparison to the asserted benefits of enhancing consumer confidence and allowing electronic commerce to reach its full potential.

I believe that issues related to the real harm that might be caused by this are well addressed by existing laws.