"Olivier Theyskens" is a fashion designer who has worked with several major houses, including Rochas, Nina Ricci (brand)/Nina Ricci, and Theory.

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He is exemplary because he has such a modern and sharp spirit.

Everything I do, I do out of instinct. I love to show shapes. I like to work around the waist, the hips.

Bee is really able to wear the clothes. She has a very good sense of the design and feel of the clothes. She has a neo-classical beauty and is very charismatic. Personality is so important - when you dress somebody for a big party, it is good to feel that the person has an ease and naturalness with what she is wearing.

I find him very enlightening. If there is something inspiring you -- if it's an adventure with H&M -- you have to do it. You must not hold back.

I am curious to see what the others do. I was stressed. I wanted to know if it was too much like what I was doing.

The problem is that the street has to be clean. It's not easy.