It's all anyone is talking about, ... There's a great sense of loss and uncertainty that comes as a result of something like this.

I was kind of surprised they didn't get the ball to DeAngelo at the end.

[The price was temporary confusion. Last Thursday night, 2,000 Mississippi storm victims with] special needs ... for a very short time.

You look at that first half, and there was some self-destruction stuff, ... But we should be able to line up and run the ball against The Citadel. There shouldn't be any question about that.

I think the difference tonight was taking care of the ball on first contact and blocking better at the net, ... We got great serves tonight and we got solid play out of Jaclyn Toohey and Katie Kramer . We had more confidence as a team and really showed that tonight.

More special to my heart than other jobs for sure. And it gives me a closer connection to the chapter itself by being involved like this.

[When I went to Tennessee], I could name you every quarterback in the SEC for the last 20 years,'' said Peyton, the draft's No. 1 overall pick in 1998.

It's always tough to come close and lose, ... We knew we could play with them all along, but we just made some key mistakes.