At a garbage dump.

It has potential for great harm. We are going to be watching them very closely.

In American jurisprudence, the accused has a right to know who the accuser is.

This is New York City at its best. There's absolutely no reason why these people can't stay past 1 o'clock. To paraphrase John Lennon, all we can say is 'give peace a chance.' Mr. Mayor, chill out.

We believe the settlement was fair in that it provides Ms. Mack and her two sons with compensatory damages for the violation of their civil rights in that the police executed an erroneous no-knock search warrant.

It appears the police department this morning was arguing that when Channel 2 put on Captain Eric Adams, all of a sudden magically it transformed him from spokesperson for 100 Blacks into a representative of the police department.

Unfortunately, he's a child who felt rejected from the very beginning. I think it's a double rejection for him.

Michael Bloomberg, don't be nasty and mean. Be positive. Together, we can improve race relations in New York.

He had every right to be on that show and to say what he said.