Norman Chad
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"Norman A. Chad" (born 1958) is an American sportswriter and Print syndication/syndicated columnist who is seen on the sports channel ESPN. He also was an occasional guest host on the ESPN show Pardon the Interruption and has appeared as both host and movie critic on the ESPN Classic series Reel Classics.

He writes a weekly sports-based column called Couch Slouch. Each column closes with the feature "Ask the Slouch"; if a reader's question is selected, the reader wins $1.25 in cash. "Pay the man, Shirley," is frequently cited as a response to readers who have fulfilled the comedy quotient for their particular question.

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[The ACC] has secured agreements to allow at least eight of its 12 football teams to play in bowl games if they qualify, starting in 2006, ... The other four ACC schools would advance to the NHL playoffs.

Those who go to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim games live in Orange County. I live in Los Angeles, and I don't go to Orange County unless it involves a court order, a lap dance or a really, really good bowling coupon.

We all have televisions. They are relatively inexpensive. We all have microwave ovens. Why do we need to go out?

I was an advocate of poker on television, and I was stunned by how much it grew.