Nine Inch Nails
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"Nine Inch Nails" is an American industrial rock band, founded in 1988 by Trent Reznor in Cleveland, Ohio. As its main producer (music)/producer, singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Reznor is the only official member of Nine Inch Nails and remains solely responsible for its direction. Nine Inch Nails' music straddles a wide range of genres. After recording a new album, Reznor usually assembles Nine Inch Nails live performances/a live band to perform with him. The touring band features a revolving lineup that often rearranges songs to fit a live setting. On stage, Nine Inch Nails often employs visual elements to accompany performances, which frequently include light shows.

Underground music audiences warmly received Nine Inch Nails in its early years. Reznor produced several highly influential records in the 1990s that achieved widespread popularity: many Nine Inch Nails songs became radio hits; two Nine Inch Nails recordings have won Grammy Awards; and Nine Inch Nails discography/their entire catalog has reached record sales exceeding over 20 million albums worldwide, with 10 million sales certified in the United States alone. In 1997, Reznor appeared in Time (magazine)/Time magazine's list of the year's most influential people, and Spin magazine described him as "the most vital artist in music."

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Can I still write music? Do I have anything to say? Does anyone still care?

Dream it all up again.

I'd like to personally thank the audience in San Diego for your understanding and the respect you displayed last night. I will make it up to you.

Alex is doing great and fitting in well, ... I can't begin to tell you what a difficult job it is to replace your drummer in this band, and these guys have truly risen to the high-pressure situation that it is.

Lullabies to Paralyze.