Nihad Awad
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"Nihad Awad" is the Executive Director and Founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

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There will be selective application against Arabs and Muslims and this is pure form of discrimination.

I will not believe that Jews are in control of the world. So I see that statement as a misguided opinion.

We know we are racing against time, but we are very hopeful that our voices on behalf of US Muslims will be heard.

We are quite relieved. It has been a test of free speech, and we hope the government will now get off the backs of our [Muslim] community.

This kind of tasteless and trivial portrayal of God does a disservice to the millions of American television viewers who have deeply felt religious beliefs.

Today's meeting, while not resolving all underlying issues of concern, offered an opportunity to improve lines of communication and to increase mutual cooperation on issues related to national security and the prevention of hate crimes.

Three-quarters of the film links directly Islamic religious practices with terrorism.

We're taking a serious step on behalf of our community, and we are hopeful that our words will be heard and our appeal will be listened to.