"Nick Logan" is an England/English journalist and magazine editor born in Lincoln, Lincolnshire/Lincoln in 1947.

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While I respect what these juniors have accomplished, I think the history and tradition of the game needs to be upheld and respected. I think if these players are there for their senior years, then they would be people we'd love to have come. I wouldn't change that format.

I'd love to see that. I hope the community embraces what we're trying to do.

Some people are risk takers and like to do that stuff. If they're going to do it, they should take the avalanche course.

Our goal is not to be one of the bowls, but the bowl.

We did try. At this point, he will not be joining us.

You usually pick the steepest slopes to go up, it makes it more of a contest. But it's the steepest slopes that are most prone to avalanches.

We're going to do it right. We will not cut one corner. We'll get the players.

Going forward, I picked this stadium specifically because it can hold 54,000 people. If we bring the right talent and get involved in the community, I think we'll get the numbers up.

This layer right underneath can change into a granular substance, very grainy, very small structures that can break apart easily. So we can have a layer underneath the dust layer now that's subject to collapse and that can slip out of place.