"Nick Hill" is a former American Football quarterback who is currently the QB coach for his alma mater Southern Illinois Salukis. In 2011 Hill played for the Orlando Predators in the Arena Football League/AFL. He has also played in af2 for the Rio Grande Valley Dorados. He was signed by the Chicago Bears as an undrafted free agent in 2008. He played college football at Southern Illinois Salukis#Football/Southern Illinois.

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It seems like he's got a new passion and is just thankful for being out there, like he's living each practice like it's his last.

The elite level is important but so too is community sport and recreation, including what happens in secondary schools.

The kids would run around wild and slam the gate and stuff. The mother, I don't think she knows what discipline is really, she never yelled at her kids. Or if she did it was usually very derogatory words that I'm sure our whole neighborhood could hear.

Having this kind of technology available to athletes and coaches helps give us that necessary edge that you need to win on the world stage.

If you look at why we failed, three things stand out. The bar has been lifted and while we haven't slipped back the others have gone ahead quicker. There's a question around the shooting because clearly we haven't delivered. And there's a breadth and depth issue. We tend to have events where we've one dominant athlete, whereas Australia, England and even the Scots have two or three.

We have grants for athletes and that reaches through to 300 athletes now in New Zealand - that's a huge step forward for us.

He's definitely not taking it easy by any means. If there's been any change, he's got more energy and seems to have more drive, more desire.